Psilocybin Shroom Edibles

Where To Buy Psilocybin Shroom Edibles Online In Vancouver Canada.

Where To Buy Psilocybin Shroom Edibles Online In Vancouver Canada, If raw doggin’ isn’t for you, then we have you covered. We also offer a delicious selection of magic mushroom edibles including gummy bears, vegan fruit strips and organic dark chocolate bars. We like edibles for a few reasons: they’re delicious, convenient, discreet, odourless, smaller doses, and they’re all designed to give you an accurate dose and an awesome trip!


Q: Can I microdose using a psilocybin chocolate bar?

A: Yes, microdosing chocolate is an excellent and very popular way to microdose psilocybin. Depending on the amount of psilocybin in a chocolate bar you will need to portion accordingly. 3 Amigos makes a 3g psilocybin chocolate bar that can be portioned into 12 squares for a 250 mg microdose.

Q: Can I microdose using gummies?

A: Yes, but remember to portion the gummy to achieve a micro sized amount of psilocybin. 0.1 to 0.3g is a moderate microdose amount of psilocybin. magic mushroom grow kits for sale

Shafaa has created a microdose gummy for this very purpose.

Q: How long does it take to feel effects?

A: It can take between 10 to 60 minutes after eating your edibles before the effects kick in. Start low and go slow.

Q: How long will it take for effects to wear off?

A: A moderate dose of 2g will wear off after about 4 hours

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